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At Klasse Cleaning we offer curtain, blind and drapery cleaning services to make your window treatments as clean and fresh as the carpets we service. While dirt and dust may not be as visible on your window coverings as they are on your carpets, which can make them easy to overlook, dust does settle and accumulate on your drapes and curtains. This can create even greater discomfort for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Every time you open or close your curtains or drapes, dust is released into the room to be inhaled by all who enter. Your curtains and blinds should be cleaned every eighteen to twenty-four months, if not more. You likely won’t notice dirt or grime on your window fixings before cleaning. Why? Because they begin gathering allergens long before you notice a visual representative. This means you should maintain the frequency of your steam cleaning appointments, even if you can’t pinpoint a visible change.

So, if it’s been a while since you’ve had your window coverings cleaned, consider calling Klasse Cleaning. You and your family will breathe easier once your curtains and drapes have been professionally cleaned by our experts.


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For your peace of mind guarantee all of our work is insured under Public Liability Insurance. We will repair/replace any damaged part or the lot that may occur in a result of our workmanship.

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